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New Beginnings

Love Your Liver

Love Your Liver

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What do pesticides, pollution, pharmaceuticals and processed foods hav ein common?

They all make the liver work harder. Our liver already works hard 24 hours a day and it is estimated it performs over 500 functions. Toxins such as processed foods andd to the liver's stress and your liver may not always tell you when it needs help.Your liver depends on you to take care of it!

When the liver isn't functioning properly, your body is not absorbing, storing or utilizing all the nutrients from your food. This can result lin bloating, constipation, low energy and inability to lose weight.

What can cause liver damage?

Alcohol: This is the most well known liver toxin. Alcohol creates a toxin called acetaldehyde and it's your liver's job to flush it out of your system. 

Sugar: Too much refined sugar can lead to fatty tissue build up lin the liver, which can lead to non alcoholic liver disease. Some studies show sugar is just as damaging as alcohol. According to an article in a Harvard Health Letter, NAFLD now affects up to 1/3 Americans

Acetaminophen: Those popular over the counter painkillers with acetaminophen are very toxic to the liver. Be sure to stay within the daily limits, and do not combine them with alcohol.

Prescription Medications: Almost all oral meds must pass throught the liver, and some can cause liver damage in the process.

Hepatitis and other viruses: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis E can create serious problems for the liver.

With a combination of the Solarplast* complex, Milk Thistle, Aritchoke, Dandelion, Protease and Lipase, NEW Beginnings Liver X Formula has all the right ingredients to help cleanse and repair your liver in a natural way so you can start feeling healthy again.

A healthy liver can help you have more energy, clearer skin, regular hormone cycles, a stronger immune system, regular digestion and a positive mood.  

*SOLOARPLAST TM. Deerland Enzyme Inc. states that "Solarplast provides a host of benefits for healthy aging, optimizing the body's processes throguth natural energy and repair mechanisms. The isolated chloroplasts from dark leafy greens, such as spinach, contain organelles that convert light to energy, working a a cellular level to assist in healthy aging,". Solarplast contains masssive natural concentrations of antoxidants, energy molecules and molecular chaperones. "Each of these components plays a role in healthy aging by repairing the damage done to our bodies throught our everyday modern lives."

Artichoke Leaf Extract: one trial with 90 people wit non alcoholic fatty liver disease revealed that consuming 600mgof artichoke extract daily for 2 months led to improved liver function. Scientists think that certain antioxidants found in artichokes--cynarin and silymarin--are partly responsicle for these benefits. Artichokes contain inulin, a type of fiber which acts as a prebiotic. 


60 vegetable capsules

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