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Adult Organic Probiotic Gummies

Adult Organic Probiotic Gummies

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The delicious and easy way for you to take a probiotic! We have crafted a gummy that includes 5 billion CFU's of good bacteria, using fruit pectin instead of gelatin, so they are vegan-friendly, and there is no sugary coating. A gummy probiotic you  can feel good about taking each day!

Benefits may include;

*Solve stomach issues fast. Contains DE111, a natural and healghy strain of the probiotic spore that is clinically proven to help control microbial populations in your gut boosting digestion and immune health.

*On the right digestive tract. Probiotics support gut and digestive health by maintaining your body's good and bad levels. Probiotics have been shown to decrease abdominal discomfort, lessen diarrhea, and alleviate bloating and constipation.

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